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Colección Privada
Quercus Alba: American white oak
Quercus Sensilis: French oak.
Staves: Sawn/Split
Colección Privada
  Private collection
American oak
Private collection
French oak
Grain Choice fine grain. Choice extra-fine grain (6 growth rings /cm).
Height950 mm.950 mm.
Belly diameter700 mm.700 mm.
Head diameter560 mm.560 mm.
Bunghole diameter45 to 52 mm.45 to 52 mm.
Peso50 kg.50 kg.
Weight0,5 m30,5 m3
Nº galvanised hoops 6 galvanised hoops in olive green. 6 galvanised hoops in magenta pink.
Bung Silicone in olive green. Silicone in magenta pink.
Seasoning Natural open air with 15-17% humidity over 4 years.Natural open air with 15-17% humidity over 4 years.
Toasting Special toasting depending on the wine to be aged. Special toasting of both staves and head. Deeper, more gradual toasting free of sudden temperature changes.
Packaging Shrink-wrap film + cardboard.
Quantity Maximum 500 barrels.
Sealing: laser. Custom marking.
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