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At Tonelería MAGREÑÁN, we remain firmly committed to total client satisfaction, with custom toasting adapted to the specifications of each client, so they can obtain just the right nuances they seek for their wines. Fore example, American oak barrels can be combined with French oak toasting and vice versa. Both woods can also be combined during toasting. That is why we do not believe that we are exaggerating when we maintain that each barrel that leaves our cooperage is a unique product, a finely-crafted piece.

The toasting stage is becoming increasingly important as oenologists come to realise the importance of the sensorial properties that toasting confers to wine.

The most modern analytical techniques allow us to check how, as the burning becomes more intense, the content of furfural, hydroxymethylfurfural (HMF) and aromatic aldehydes increases —all three being essential components in top quality wines.

Head toasting is available as an option.

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