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General conditions for the use of the Web Site and acceptance

These general conditions govern the use of the Web Site, owned by TONELERÍA MAGREÑÁN, S.L. By using the Web Site you automatically become a User and this implies full acceptance without any reservations whatsoever of each and every one of the General Conditions as published in this Web Site at the time that the User accesses it, as well as of our data privacy and processing policy. Users should carefully read the General Conditions every time they plan to use our Web Site. TONELERÍA MAGREÑÁN, S.L. reserves the right to deny or remove access to its Web Site at any time without advance notice to all Users who fail to comply with these General Conditions as well as the Specific Conditions arising from their application. The details regarding the Titleholder of this Web Site are as follows:

Main place of business: AVDA. DEL EBRO S/N 26540 ALFARO (La Rioja)
Phone number: +34 941 18 00 23
Business address: AVDA. DEL EBRO S/N 26540 ALFARO (La Rioja)
VAT No: B26178285
Registration details: TOME 269 GENERAL, FOLIO 125, SHEET No LO-1200, 1st ENTRY

Representations about and use of this Web Site

Representations of TONELERÍA MAGREÑÁN, S.L. and limited liability

This Web Site has been created by TONELERÍA MAGREÑÁN, S.L. However, this does not imply any guarantee whatsoever on the exhaustiveness, veracity, accuracy or currency of the information contained herein nor, specifically, on the usefulness of our Web Site for the User in carrying out any specific activity. TONELERÍA MAGREÑÁN, S.L. declines any liability for damages of any sort arising from the use that Users may make of this Web Site, its services or its content.

TONELERÍA MAGREÑÁN, S.L. does not guarantee the availability and continuity of its Web Site and/or its services. However, whenever possible, TONELERÍA MAGREÑÁN, S.L. will provide advance notice of any interruptions in the Web Site or services offered through it. In this context, TONELERÍA MAGREÑÁN, S.L. declines any and all liability for damages of any type arising from a lack of availability or continuity of operation of our Web Site and its services.

Correct use of the content of the Web by the User

All the content available on the Web Site of TONELERÍA MAGREÑÁN, S.L. ("Intellectual Property Content"), is the property of TONELERÍA MAGREÑÁN, S.L., and is protected by Intellectual Property Law. TONELERÍA MAGREÑÁN, S.L. represents that the industrial property rights (brands, brand names, etc.) appearing in this Web Site belong to it and are duly protected by Industrial Property Regulations. Users undertake to use the Web Site diligently, correctly and legally and, more specifically, undertake to refrain from:

(a) Removing, eluding or manipulating the copyright, brands and other data that identify the rights of TONELERÍA MAGREÑÁN, S.L. or their owners included in the content and/or products sold from our Web Site, as well as technical protection devices, digital prints or any other information mechanism that may be contained therein.
(b) Employing the content and, specifically, the information of TONELERÍA MAGREÑÁN, S.L. obtained through our Web Site to send publicity, communications aimed at performing direct sales or having any other business purpose or unsolicited messages aimed at multiple persons.
(c) Reproducing or copying, distributing, allowing public access through any public communications system, transforming or modifying the content, unless duly authorised by the owner of the relevant rights or when it is legally permissible.
(d) In general, using the content in a way or with a purpose or result that is contrary to Law, morality or generally accepted good practices or public order.

TONELERÍA MAGREÑÁN, S.L. does not grant any licence whatsoever for any type of use of any of its industrial and intellectual property rights over any other property or right related to its Web Site.

Procedure in case of infringement of Intellectual Property rights

Should any User or third party consider that any content has been inserted in this Web Site in violation of their Intellectual Property rights, they should notify TONELERÍA MAGREÑÁN, S.L. of the fact, providing complete accurate information on their details and on the Intellectual Property rights that have been allegedly violated.

Applicable Law and Jurisdiction

These conditions are governed by Spanish Law, which will be applicable in anything not provided for by these conditions regarding their interpretation, validity and enforceability. TONELERÍA MAGREÑÁN, S.L. and the User, expressly waiver any other jurisdiction and agree to be subject to the Courts with jurisdiction at the business address of the owner of the Web Site for any controversy that may arise from the provision of services subject matter of these General Conditions. Should the User reside outside Spain, TONELERÍA MAGREÑÁN, S.L. and the User expressly waiver all other jurisdictions and agree to be subject to the Courts of Logroño, Spain.

Protection of data of a personal nature

In compliance with the provisions of Article 5 of Spanish Organic Act 15/1999 of 13 December 1999 on the Protection of Data of a Personal Nature (hereinafter, "LOPD"), TONELERÍA MAGREÑÁN, S.L., hereby notifies you that any details of a personal nature which you may have provided us by filling in any electronic form appearing on our Web Site, as well as those which TONELERÍA MAGREÑÁN, S.L. may access as a result of your navigating, consulting, requesting or hiring any service or product, or any other transaction or operation carried out through the Web Site , will be collected in a file under the responsibility of TONELERÍA MAGREÑÁN, S.L. with VAT No B26178285 and business address for these purposes at AVDA. DEL EBRO S/N 26540 ALFARO (La Rioja) where you can exercise your right to access, rectify, cancel and object to the processing of your personal details, under the terms and conditions provided for in the LOPD. Failing to fill in compulsory fields in any electronic form may result in TONELERÍA MAGREÑÁN, S.L.’s being unable to respond o your request. The purpose of collecting your personal details is that specifically indicated in each page where the electronic registration form appears.

Following are the detailed specific purposes of each form that may request details from you on our Web Site:

1. BOOK YOUR TOUR: the purpose of this form is to process the reservation of tours to be taken by Users of the Web Site.
2. QUERIES: Management of and response to queries posed by Users of the Web Site.
3. CONTACT: Management of and response to any consultation, comment or suggestion carried out by Users of the Web Site.

In general terms, we hereby inform you that, in any of the above cases, the details will be used for sending you, through whichever way has been provided, communications with information or business information that may be of interest for you.

Should you provide us with data of a personal nature on third parties, in compliance with the provisions of article 4.5 of the LOPD, you hereby declare having informed such persons about the content of the data provided, their origins, of the existence and purpose of the file where their details are kept, of the possibility of their accessing their right to access, rectify, cancel or object to their details and the details identifying TONELERÍA MAGREÑÁN, S.L. Under the terms and conditions established herein, TONELERÍA MAGREÑÁN, S.L. undertakes to keep your personal details totally confidential and use them exclusively for the abovementioned purposes.

TONELERÍA MAGREÑÁN, S.L. undertakes to keep your personal details totally confidential and use them exclusively for the abovementioned purposes. TONELERÍA MAGREÑÁN, S.L. hereby notifies you that is has implemented security measures of a technical and organisational nature required to guarantee the security of your data of a personal nature and prevent their modification, loss, processing and/or unauthorised access, taking into account the state of technology, the nature of the stored information and the hazards to which they are exposed, whether they arise from human action or from their physical or natural environment. All of the above to be in accordance with the provisions of article 9 of the LOPD and of Royal Decree 1720/07 of 11 June 2007, approving the Regulations of the security measures for automated files containing details of a personal nature.

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